24 March 2022 | County Hall, Belvedere Road London

Gavin Skelly

Job Role

Founder, Fire Aware


Gavin Skelly FCIOB has developed the not-for-profit Fire Aware organisation, which is in direct response to the call of Dame Judith Hackett for the industry to implement cultural change, and not wait for legislation amendments. Having over 30 years of contracting experience, Gavin is acutely aware of the pressure points within the construction industry and wider related sectors that have failed and led us to the point where there is a complete lack of trust in the ability of those who create own or manage the built environment in respect to fire safety. Fire Aware acts in a similar fashion to the Considerate Constructors Scheme, identifying businesses that have the correct corporate moral position to ensure end the best possible end user safety. But Fire Aware applies to a much wider bandwidth of businesses than those who construct. Fire Aware applies to any business that has a duty of care to keep people safe. Using discipline specific moral charters as contract conditions, Fire Aware obligates its members to better moral performance which can only help to turn the tide in the race to the bottom. Fire Aware also creates a community of businesses with similar moral positions and brings together those who need information with those who can provide it but given with the correct moral position to ensure best practice is applied.