23 March 2023 | QEII Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London

BSI Identity



BSI Identify is a digital identification service that uses DOI (digital object identifier) technology to provide manufacturers with a single place to add and maintain their product information in real time.

BSI Identify is designed to help solve the product traceability challenge in the supply chain. For product manufacturers it is a clear signal of their commitment to product and customer safety. For supply operators, it is a one-stop resource to find relevant and always up-to-date information on a product.

Meet the BSI team at the Building Safety Conference to find out more about BSI Identify, the digital identification service that solves the problem of product traceability. With the help of the UPINs, users can access installation guides, product specification, certifications, while manufacturers have a single place to add and maintain information in real-time. This helps reduce in-use product failure risks that arise from incorrect handling and supports compliance and requirements for product labelling and identification.

For more information on how BSI Identify can support your business, visit our website – https://identify.bsigroup.com/